Expectations Vs Reality After Uni

After passing A Levels, the thought of university is overwhelming. Problem is, there’s more than just going to uni to get yourself a job. The expection is you’ll come out, land yourself in your dream job and that’s all because you have letters before your name. WRONG!

Looking back, my expectations were so far off my reality. The reality of the situation is, I work a normal retail job that is currently part time. Every job that is remotely related to my degree, I get a no. I need more experience in my field, yet companies hesitate to give you any experience. I need to be earning, so therefore it’s hard to take unpaid internships. University isn’t the be all and end all, especially for certain fields. Getting a degree for some people is crucial, for instance if you want to be a scientist, a dentist, doctor, nurse, teacher. When it comes to creative jobs, then this is where things start to get complicated.

Out of all my friends who went off to uni in 2013, I can name three people who have managed to get a job relating to their degree. Others are having to do extra courses or postgraduate schemes. The rest, including myself are working your average job and some have no work at all.

With my degree being in journalism, ideally I still need a couple of other qualifications. The fact I have a degree is helpful, but not enough to land me m dream job. Experience is something you have to gain yourself and that’s why I’ve decided to blog. Not only to gain experience but to be able to look back over my experiences and memories. Hopefully somewhere in between I’ll give people some entertainment or knowledge to those of you who are reading.

My university experience was fairly enjoyable, I stayed at home and travelled to and from so many people may think I didn’t experience it fully. In all honesty, I’m not someone who particularly likes to get drunk every night of the week, so I was in it more for the studying. Still now, writing for you all to see gives me anxiety. For the entire three years I was at uni, all my wrk was written to a mark scheme. I knew I’d be graded at the end, so having th freedom to write what I like, how I like puts my knowledge and confidence into perspective. 

Uni put my hopes up too much, now is where I’m learning. Building my portfolio, having fun with my work and hoping that something right will come up along the way. It’s a long journey ahead but I’m optimistic that I can get my dream job, maybe not now but definitely at some point!

If anyone has any questions or wants to know more about what I did, or university in general. Feel free to leave some comments or your opinions on your experience. I will be posting again shortly, either later today or tomorrow x


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