L’Oréal Colorista Review

After seeing L’Oréal Colorista dyes my mind began to wander. The amount of money I spent trying to get my hair to go grey has cost me a fortune. So after going back to look at the products about 10 times I made a decision. Not grey, but pink!

The last time I dyed my hair any bright colour I was about 15/16, so going pink was a little risky. Thank god it was a 2-3 wash out dye. Recently I’ve been living life under the influence of, I’m only young once. So the decision was made, pastel pink hair it was.

The night of the hair dye, well it took to my hair amazingly but it was far from pastel pink. I was out on the town that night and was complimented every time I moved anywhere from the table. Although, as too many glasses of wine were consumed I did tend to forget, got to the toilet and scare the life out of myself when I looked in the mirror! Overall the first attempt went well, nice bright pink!

As I started to wash my hair, the coloured faded more to what I was expecting straight off. I fell in love! 😍 A perfectly lush pastel pink. The product itself is also a conditioning treatment which meant when I washed it for the first time it was silky smooth and looked in great health. You’d never think I’d been bleaching the life out of it for years! (No I’m not naturally white blonde) Here is the first wash out, excuse the snapchat filter!

Honestly loved this colour so much that I hesitated as long as possible before washing it but there’s only so long I can deal with smelling like coffee from work! After giving up and washing it, I’ve kept on top of it ever since because the colour has faded but it’s lasted longer than 2-3 washes. It’s been a beautiful colour as it’s washed out too. From bright pink to pastel, to what I would describe as unicorn pink. I’m about 5/6 washes in and it looks as though I’ve had my hair toned slightly icy pink.

I’m a bit addicted to snapchat filters 🙄

I would definitely recommend this product to others wanting to broaden their hairstyle, without regretting it a month down the line. The L’Oréal Colorista range has multiple colour choices for their semi permanent products and a fairly limited but pretty handful for those looking to go permanent.

I never ever do skin tests, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! I’m putting myself at risk, so before using this product do a strand test! I’m pretty sure you can only get these products currently at larger Boots stores. I would love to hear about your best hair colours and your biggest colour disasters so leave your comments!


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