Meet Luna

I’ve come to realise that one of the most interesting this about me is my husky puppy. Whenever I go anywhere people always stop me to say ‘your puppy is so beautiful’ or ‘her eyes are stunning’. No matter where I go, anyone that knows me stops and asks about Luna before they ask about me!

Today’s blog post is going to be all about my little Luna. Six years ago we lost our first husky and it’s taken us that long to decide that we wanted another dog in our lives. We spent forever looking, almost every night on the internet to see if any new pups had been on. Originally we were aiming to get a sausage dog, although the more we looked the more pricey they became. As I’m close to the girls at work, one of them spotted some local husky puppies and that was it. I was determined to have a look. I first met Luna at three weeks old and it wasn’t love at first sight.

So there she is, three weeks old. Completely chilled and laid back. Still had those beautiful blue eyes from the time they first opened. I originally wanted one of her sisters, but as it went on I found that her sister was too much like our old husky and really I wanted something a little different. So we chose Luna, our blue-eyed monster. When I say monster, I literally mean a monster…

We visited Luna regularly, she was much quieter than the rest of the pups and we liked that about her. Little did we know how naive we had been. Luna grew fairly quickly, each time we saw her she’d changed ever so slightly. The excitement of getting a puppy is unreal, even when you’re in your twenties! I literally counted down the days until she was in our home, I couldn’t wait to spoil her. Two weeks before we were due to bring, mum was rushed into hospital for the first time. This is when we new things weren’t going to be an easy ride. The day finally arrived and we went to pick up our little angle.


We picked her up and she fell asleep in the car on the way home, our very own little bundle of fluff. This picture above just says it all. How many of you have just had your heart melt by that image? Let me tell you now, looks are very deceiving! Although, I must admit, she is terribly cute. From that moment forward, I’d fallen head over heels for this little life and was entirely responsible for her. It is like having my own child, but one that can run away from you after doing something naughty!


HOW CUTE IS SHE THOUGH!? Sorry but this post is going to be picture overload but in the six months and three weeks since Luna came into the world, she has grown and changed immensely.

The first few weeks of having Luna was stupidly hard. With mum on a slow recovery from her appendectomy, me working crazy hours as it was the start of the run up to christmas and then having a seven week puppy waking up at 5am every morning. its safe to say I was stressed, exhausted and probably would have gotten rid of her if I wasn’t so besotted with her. Every day was super hard, it’s safe to say that at the age of 22, I know I’m not ready for children just yet!

If you saw my blog post from last week, I explained how Luna got her name. Luna, short for lunatic. We knew she was special in many ways within the first few weeks of having her, you’ll understand when I show you these next couple of images.

Life with Luna has been different, different to our previous life with a dog and entirely different to our life without a dog. The first twelve months with a puppy is always hard, but we never expect it to be this hard. All the things that have happened with the family has taken its toll on our Luna’s behaviour. Yes, she is beautiful but she can be a complete terror.

She’s always been one for trying to dominate, especially when it comes to me. Mum is her mum, she was there almost every day whilst I was at work. I am below Luna, most definitely! Back when she was tiny, I could just pick her up and pop her somewhere else. Now she’s bigger and a whole lot heavier, a couple of wiggles and she’s out of your arms! Me and her are in constant battle almost every day, she’s yet to learn that submitting gets you fuss and love, but I’m working on her every second of every day. I still love her, even if she is a bit of a pain to deal with at times.

Luna has always done things that have made her stand out, I’m sure she thinks she’s more human than dog at times.


There are so many different qualities about Luna that make me love and hate her every day. She is constantly over excited, which stresses me out no end. Any time someone comes to visit us she jumps all over them and attempts to lick their chin and face! I have to take full responsibility for this issue though, I was silly with her and taught her to lick my chin when I say ‘gimme a kiss’. It’s highly inappropriate, I know. I regret it so much, especially when I see what she puts in her mouth throughout the day! It’s gross!

Aside from all the silliness and the bad behaviour, Luna has been an addition to our lives that has made many elements so much better. Although huskies do tend to pull when they are walked, Luna has made me more active. Since passing my driving test, I hate walking anywhere. I passed five years ago… It may be hard work at times to keep her under control it’s something I enjoy doing with her and something I really want to work hard at.


My Lunapops has brought so much happiness and love into my life so quickly. Who would have thought you could love an animal so much, even when they are biting holes in your nice pants or running around with your bra hanging out of their mouth whilst you have guests. I’m head over heels for this little pup and I can’t wait to go on so many adventures with her over the next ten to fifteen years!

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I am thinking of putting a YouTube channel together over the next couple of weeks. One of my vlogs will be a follow up to Meet Luna, with footage and other pictures about her coming into our lives. If theres anything else you’d like to know about Luna, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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