Pretty Muddy 5K for Cancer Research

I honestly thought yesterday hadn’t ruined my body until I decided to try and do a little cardio in the gym to prepare me for my holiday in September. Oh how I was wrong, so wrong…

Yesterday I completed the Pretty Muddy 5K for Cancer Research. A morning of running round a racecourse, jumping over random objects, crawling through mud, being soaked with water by random strangers. When we got to the start line I really did wonder why an earth I had signed up to it.

After my mum found out she had cancer, I didn’t really do anything. I didn’t cry hardly at all. I didn’t get stressed or worried. I prepared for the worst but hoped for the best. I handled the situation well for someone who is known at times to be a bit of a stress head. When my friend asked me if I wanted to join her doing the mud run this year I jumped at the chance. I’d looked into all sorts of other events but they weren’t necessarily cost affective for me as I wanted to give as much money as I could to charity, not the places where the events were being held.

I’m not going to lie to you all, I didn’t really train for this. I did a little but not much. I hate cardio, I’d much rather burn calories lifting weights. I knew this was going to be a challenge but looking back I’d have actually liked it to be a little harder. I didn’t run it all, I wanted to but psychically I wasn’t fit enough. Maybe next time hey?

Anyway, doing things like this is normally way out of my comfort zone. It very rare that I will jog/run anywhere other than the gym. So to be in front of thousands of strangers, running like a loon to finish wasn’t something I had ever thought I’d do. In all honesty, being surrounded by these women spurred me on even more. Everyone was different shapes and sizes, I don’t think a single person felt out of place. Although, some of us were a little annoyed at those who weren’t that muddy!

Each obstacle was slightly different, some more entertaining than others. The only down side about this course was the fact a group of women were released every fifteen minutes. This meaning that every obstacle had a queue or wait. They alternated from crawling under nets, sliding down an inflatable slide into a mud pool. Some were super disgusting, others were nicely dry!

Roughly on my own I believe I have raised around £350, which to some of you may not seem a lot but to others, people suffering with cancer every pound chances something for someone. Without Cancer Research my mum wouldn’t be where she is today. If there hadn’t been much research around kidney cancer, when it was first found they would have taken a biopsy. As the kidney is mainly liquid, this could have spread the cancer around her body. Without the research the surgeon would have cut her muscles instead of tearing them, leading to a longer, less natural and more painful recovery and without this research my mum would have been left with a scar from her belly button right round to her spine. She may not have come through this as well as she has. So I thank every single person who has been raising money, who has spent time in researching, learning and caring for those who have or have had cancer.

This small little event is a huge achievement to me, it symbolises a step forward. We are moving in the right direction. My mum is here, she is healthy and she is cancer free. I truly believe that it’s only down to cancer research and the work that they do.

Yes there events may be small, random or silly but to those who stand together, have fun, push themselves, go out of their comfort zones to raise money its more than just a charity. It way of coping, for some its ensuring what they’ve experienced one less person has to experience. At the start line my heart was racing, I realised at that moment how scary the last few months have been and how much this truly meant to me. So I overly proud of myself and every woman that took part yesterday. We will beat cancer, little by little. There will be an end to this cruel disease.

Now, on a brighter note. I’ve created a little slideshow of all the random pictures I have from yesterday. Please feel free to laugh and mock, it was worth it! There is still time to donate guys, please feel free to donate. Follow the link here to my just giving page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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