Social Media/Body Image

I’ve always been one to constantly worry, stress, overthink about my weight. Losing weight for me isn’t that easy, all I have to do is smell pizza and I’ll gain weight. I promise, my metabolism really is that bad.

A few years back, I began my fitness journey and I was probably at my best weight around summer 2016. Yet at that time, I honestly didn’t feel it. I still hated my body, how I looked and constantly ran myself down every day because I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I was miserable. Now, over a year on I’m almost back to where I started back in 2015. So why am I writing about this?

It’s simple really, the pressure of social media has a huge impact on the way we see body image. Okay, I admit, I don’t always help myself. I follow so many fitness athletes on Instagram, abs are almost coming out of my ears when I scroll down my feed but that’s my choice. Recently I’ve struggled with how I feel about my body, I’m disappointed in myself for regressing, back tracking, spoiling a good routine. Although, when I really think bad to that time I was so unhappy. I was possibly at my lowest point and no matter how hard I tried, I probably would never have been happy or had the chance to appreciate everything that has happened since.

Do you find yourself scrolling down social media and just thinking ‘I’ll never look like that’ or ‘why can’t I be like her/him’. Well guess what guys, the harsh reality is NO. You won’t look like them because you’re not them. You are you and that is something you really have to try and remember. I’m not going to lie, I do it every single day without even realising and it sucks. Social media is feeding us so much regarding body image it’s unreal. Even the celebrities or influencers on Instagram promoting healthy and happy bodies are putting pressure on us as consumers. Yet, I still endlessly scroll.

It’s true, healthy and happy really is more important than starving, miserable, exhausted but ripped to shreds. Or vice versa. It’s your goals, your happiness and no one should tell you otherwise. The problem we have is we live in a society where we relate our lives to what we see on social media. Now, think about this carefully. Would you put a photo on Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc of you, with your belly rolls out, eating pizza, feeling miserable? Duh, no you wouldn’t and neither do the people you so long to be like but I’m sure at times that’s how they look and feel.

My life has changed massively since my lowest weight, I actually have a group of friends who want to spend time with me, go out drinking, go for brunch. So more calories but more fun. I have a boyfriend who can eat and eat and eat and doesn’t put weight on, but why should I miss out on having a lazy night with him eating junk food? I’ve started a new job where I am sat at a desk for around 8 hours a day, so I’m more stationary than I used to be. I cannot allow things that make me happy, also make me feel guilty.

At the end of the day, if your friends, family, boyfriend etc cannot love you for you, rolls and all then you need to cut those negative people out of your life. Yes I train in the gym most days, no I don’t always want to go and sometimes I don’t. I love fitness and weight training, HIIT and yeah I probably should get up off my fat butt more often but I just do what I want and what makes me happy.

You have to put yourself first, due consideration of others. If you cannot find happiness in yourself, in what’s around you or how you feel every day then that’s what you need to focus on before anything else. Ignore everything on social media because you know yourself that you only put images on that you know will get likes. If you can’t get past it then make it YOUR decision to make a change, not because of the pressure around you.


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